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Yellow and Orange Hanger Fashion Busines

My new go to water!! Love the hint of flavor and it's all natural

What is your

favorite flavor?

I am obsessed with HINT Water.  It has a light refreshing taste and I love that it is all natural.

Sometimes I like a little sparkle in my water and HINT has that too!!


Thank you for VOTING Fit Mob as a TOP GYM in Tampa Bay!

Fit MobVoted

as a TOP GYM

in 2020!!

Thank you for voting Fit Mob as a TOP GYM in Tampa Bay Florida!

So excited to help motivate and inspire others to live an active healthy lifestyle!



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Do you live outside my training area but want to create new habits and reach your Fitness & Nutrition goals?

It starts with developing new habits, finding motivation and most importantly having accountability.


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21 Day Coaching

Do you want to be trained by the FIT MOB ... BUT!!!!

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Want to start, not sure how

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Scared and Need Support


Change up your Fitness routine... Take it Outdoors with Fit Mob

Fit Mob Outdoor



Only $10

Full Body Circuit Training!

Strength & Cardio


All Levels and

Beginners Welcome!



Do older adults respond to exercise similar to younger adults?

Is age just a number?

Exercise Response #Truth


Exercise Study"

The results might surprise you, learn more and find out the bottom line.



4 Myths Nutritionists Wish People Would Forget

Nutrition #RealTalk

Truth from your Trainer


Myth Busters

Living Healthy isn't a trend.  Learn the truth from a Nutrition Specialist! 



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More than just a look, Jamie Rahn has goals!!

Ninja Warrior Veteran Jamie Rahn

He is a FAN FAVORITE!!  You know the look, now get the deets!


The Fit Mob welcomes another Ninja Warrior to the Fam ! 


Gettin' Wild!!



Brancato lives that Mob Life on and off the screen.

Told ya not to mess with the Fit Mob

A Bronx Tale

Actor Lillo Brancato


The Fit Mob welcomes Brancato!  Hear more

about his story...



Thomas has the Florida Gators Flipping over her moves!!

The Mob Flips Out

University of Florida Gymnast

Trinity Thomas


Student & Athlete

How does she balance it?

Cheer on Trinity as she pushes the limits and competes to

her greatest ability!!


Fantauzzo can hang with the best of them on Ninja Warrior!

Ninja Warrior Athlete

American Ninja Warrior's

Carl Fantauzzo


What does it take to compete, train and become a

Ninja Athlete?

Learn some insider tips!!

Do you have what it takes to

hit the Course...

the Fit Mob

George Foreman IV,  Fox American Grit with John Cena  #Grit

George Has Grit

Up close with...

George Foreman IV

Son of Legendary Boxer & Contestant on John Cena's Fox TV Show American Grit

George talks with Fit Mob Trainer Lisa DeCamella and even shares some advice from his father George Foreman


CBS Survivor 33 Castaway Jay, Talks with the Fit Mob #Survive

Surviving with Jay

From Survivor to the MOB!

Cast Member & fan favorite Jay talks with Lisa about being on Survivor and how an active non traditional lifestyle naturally prepared him.

Also, find out what Jay was craving for 36 days in Fiji


Time for some H.I.I.T = High Intensity Interval Training  #HIIT

H.I.I.T Fitness Trend

Involves bursts of max effort,  (typically about 30 to 90 seconds), followed by a period of low-intensity recovery.  I like to throw in some strength training!!  


The goal is to recover enough that you can go hard again during your next work interval.

IMG_2310 2.JPG

Baseball Athlete Richard Giannotti Reppin South FL  #MyBestie

Rep the MOB!

NEW Fit Mob Snapback Hats are here!   

We are currently looking for new faces to join the MOB and REP our GEAR! 

Order yours before we sell out! #GetInTheMob #LifestyleBrand


Slice and Dice this Light Veggie Salad  #VeggieSalad

Love this Salad !



1½ cups of chopped tomatoes

1 cucumber - peeled then diced

1 avocado - diced

4 oz feta cheese - cubed

2 tbs minced red onion

1 handful parsley - about 2 tbs

2 tbs olive oil &  Black pepper

1 tbs red wine vinegar

cred: Garden & Table

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