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Athletes/Performance Clients


Athlete/Reality TV & Author

- Fox TV American Grit

- Son of Legendary Boxer

- Author “A Punchers Chance”

"Lisa is the type of trainer you

day dream about. She’s got a diverse skill set, passion and expertise and is truly wonderful to get to know.


Anyone who gets the chance to work with her is fortunate and I hope they take advantage of her as a health and fitness resource."


Pro Baseball Athlete & Advisor

- Los Angeles Angels

- St. Louis Cardinals

- Miami Hurricanes

- Global Asset Management

IMG_2319 2.jpg

" Lisa is an incredible trainer.

As a former professional athlete, I've been through all types of workouts and the plan Lisa designed for me was very challenging and pushed me to the max.


Lisa is a great motivator and knows how to push you the extra mile in order to achieve your goals. I can't wait for my next workout"

LaMark Brown

Football Athlete

- Minnesota Vikings

- Tampa Bay Storm

- Baltimore Brigade

“Lisa is a phenomenal person!


She has been a great help to my improvement as a player this off season and I look forward to working with her again"

Personal Training Clients

Maria 0'Connell

"Lisa, Not only are you everything I look for as a friend, teacher, mentor,.. you’re an amazing coach and you inspire me every single day. You chase goals and make them happen."

Bootcamp & Group Clients

Sonia Kennedy

"Lisa continues to come up with new ways to push me to my limits. You always have a smile and make us laugh as we sweat away our calories and tone our muscles. Thanks for all you do!"

Each one of my clients receives my personal attention and focus.

I get results and you will see a difference in your first couple of sessions!

- Lisa DeCamella

for trusting
me with
your fitness
- Lisa

Lisa DeCamella

Ace Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness Nutrition Specialist

CPR/First Aid/AED

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