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Ninja Warrior Veteran Jamie Rahn

Ninja Warrior Veteran Jamie Rahn

Gettin' Wild with Ninja Warrior Jamie!!

Check out what he has to say to


"Live Life. Don't spend life just existing, spend it doing. :)!" - Jamie Rahn

Do you have a favorite obstacle on ANW? That I do not. I love anything with big laches, or tough upper body like the cliffhanger and vertical limit.

What inspires your awesome look?  Its great !!! Thanks :)! It was based off of the superhero Captain Planet.

Do you follow any specific fitness regime or diet? My "regime" is be as active as possible, and try not to over eat or eat too poorly. I train by playing, and the more variety in my training the better. I do love a good endurance day to just kick my butt, but I just find something I am not good at, or could be better at, and play with it until i get better, and then make it harder.

Ninja Warrior Veteran!!

How is watching ANW different then actually being there live?  Being there is such a big shock compared to TV. For anyone competing or going to watch, the most important thing to realize is that it is a long night. It is a very exciting event, but there is a lot of waiting around and its easy to get overly excited and let your adrenaline overflow or else you will not make it. Filming lasts from approx 5pm-6am. not bad, but you are not allowed to leave and they don't exactly serve food and drinks ha ha. so Preparation is key! 2nd is that everything looks way bigger and more intimidating in person! As a competitor, its best to expose yourself as much as possible to the course and set so its not as daunting when you run, and as an audience member get a good seat ;) there is a big screen, however you wont be able to see the whole course from ANY seat, so choose wisely!

What is next for Jamie?  

That is a BIG question. My passions to coach the next generation of athletes is still at the forefront of my career. I want to further the growth of ninja warrior as much as I can, and I want to inspire others through my movement in training and competing. I recently lost my job as head coach, so what my position in the community will become is unclear, but my direction is crystal!

Shout out to THE FIT MOB - Jamie shares a little advice... Its is always better to try and fail than to never of tried at all. It is ideal to live life free from regret so I would encourage you and everyone in The Fit Mob to not sell yourself short of any task before trying it. There is always a way to progress to any achievement. I'm currently training for a marathon, something I have never done.  - Jamie Rahn

Thanks Jamie! Keep inspiring others and crushing those goals!! #FitMob

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