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Up Front with Foreman

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

So thankful for my friend George Foreman IV  (son of Legendary Professional Boxer & Grill Master George Foreman) for being a part of THE FIT MOB!!

George Says: "Lisa is the type of trainer you day dream about. She’s got a diverse skill set, passion and expertise and is truly wonderful to get to know. Anyone who gets the chance to work with her is fortunate and I hope they take advantage of her as a health and fitness resource."

- George Foreman IV

What is your daily or weekly fitness regime? My daily goal is to try to burn more Calories than I put intro my body. That’s easier said than done because I spend a lot of time at a desk or in my car. If I have a burger (my favorite food) I know I’m going to have to put in some extra work or feel the shame of carrying calories to bed.

Do you follow any diet or nutrition plan? My goal is to eat 3 good meals per day. I may be creative with way I include in those meals, but I stick to that rule. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the coffee I need. If I’m feeling super starved it’s usually because I missed a meal. What is your cheat meal or snack? Sometimes when I’ve had a hard day, a lot of activities and not much food, I get the late night hunger cravings. That’s when I do the worst damage because I use carbs as a quick fix for hunger. My favorite of all… Rice Crispy Treat Cereal!!  Now, if I can fight the craving, I’ll have mixed nuts and a bottle of water. That will usually be enough to keep me from binging on milk and carbs. You competed on American Grit (FOX TV with John Cena), did you feel that you were prepared for the physical and social challenges of the competition? Grit was tough because I didn’t know what to expect. One day we were blind folded and jumped in freezing water, the next we’re doing 300m sprints through thigh deep mud with teammates attached. There was no way to prepare, other than to have a healthy body ready to ensure punishment. Some people were not true competitive athletes, but had well balanced bodies and could endure endless amounts of pain without losing focus… those people are hard to beat in a Grit Style Elimination Competition. That’s what I tried to focus on in the weeks leading up to Grit. Just to be injury free and well balanced. What’s next for you?  Anything you would like to share? I’m a writer so I’ll always want to share that side of myself with the world. I have a book coming out. An art book about great fighters; called “A Punchers Chance”  And I would like to develop into a more accomplished salesmen. I work for Ferrari in Houston because it’s important to me that I offer people the best products in the world. If I’m developing product for George Foreman or selling cars to a first time buyer: I want them to know that I’m sincere and truthful when I say “this is the best.” But both of those things come with time. With your Dad being George Foreman would you mind sharing either – a great memory or a piece of advice he has given you? Two Lessons my dad shares with us regularly: I’ll share them with you... One – Learn to sell and you’ll never starve. Mary Kay (founder of the cosmetic line) once told him that directly. 

Two – Forgiveness is a subtle thread that binds love and friendship. If you don’t learn to forgive, you won’t be able to keep family or friends in this world. It takes forgiveness. Now I know we have talked about putting me through a boxing lesson, what are a few of the basics we would cover? How do you think I would do? Boxing is an art, so I teach it that way. Each punch is just a shade, color, stroke… pieces that come together to make a portrait. When I teach I break it down into pieces. So I would start simple and over time, you would become aware how important that simple piece is to the overall work of art. Lesson 1: the art of the Jab. When I train you what fitness area do you think I could help you improve on?  What kind of coaching style do you perform best with?  I take pride in being coach able, any style, any teacher… if you are passionate and sincere, I’ll follow your lead.  I’m really interested in these physique workouts. Tightening up the core and leaning out the chest and arms. It’s summer time so it’s all about the beach body.

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