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Kickin It With Clint Stricker

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Increased energy – Effective protein synthesis – Rapid weight loss – Mental clarity – Hunger suppression – Improved sleep – Sense of well being – Reduced inflammation

Clint Says: "The training world is a tough one! It's a competitive field and hard to find the right work/life balance. However, I remind myself that there is literally nothing else I'd rather do! At the end of the day we have jobs that a lot of people wish they had! As long as you're a good person, and not trying to be fake, clients will always come to you. People know when you're fake eventually. Do it for the right reasons, and everything will come easy!"

What is your athletic and or personal training background?

Grew up playing baseball and basketball. Got into training at a young age, but really sparked interest during my time in college studying exercise physiology. Started Coaching and training Cross fit in college, but quickly transitioned to interning with the strength and conditioning staff at Ball State, and switched my own personal training to more of an Olympic lifting training program

What do you look for in an athlete to be able to gain the most out of their training? Number one quality I look for in an athlete is consistency. Nothing else matters if training, diet, and recovery are inconsistent!

Is soccer primarily the sport you train athletes in?

No! Honestly, I probably train more baseball players than anything. I work at Explosive Performance in Tampa and train over 20 MLB athletes as well as plenty of high school and college baseball players. I travel with the US Soccer Team for training camps for roughly 1 week every month.

Do you follow a certain nutrition or diet plan?

Nothing too specific. I've always played around with a lot of different diets. Generally, I'd say I follow more of a keto diet. Generally pretty happy being lower carb, and eating a lot of meat!

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