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6 (30 min) sessions


Kick off summer and join top level certified personal trainer Lisa DeCamella for six (1 on 1) sessions to jump start your fitness training.  Custom workout plan, private coaching and flexible scheduling.  You will work hard & gain results quickly!  Don't expect a summer body, earn it and feel great!

What is H.I.I.T Training?

Is it good for weight loss?


H.I.I.T = High Intensity Interval Training

This trend alternates high-intensity & low-intensity exercise. H.I.I.T can outperform traditional cardio when it comes to fat loss. It also “can increase fat burning for hours after exercise.” Excellent for those looking to lose weight and athletes looking to improve performance.

Off season training ... Flexibility, Core & Cardio!


When you are an athlete staying conditioned and in exellent shape is a no brainer.  When trainer Lisa works with football player LaMark Brown she focuses on 3 main elements Flexibility, Core and Cardio.  LaMark is a disciplined client and Lisa has devised a program to help increase some areas of stretching and also continue to build on strength and endurance.  Always a team effort!

Shout out to RuckHouse

Athletics in Rochester!!


Trainer Vinny Mogavero lead the pack with clients supporting a local Veteran chapter and raised almost $300.   Rockin' his FIT MOB hat he held a "GO RUCK" event that was over 12 miles long and featured various obstacles, workouts and challenges.  Way to go Vinny - Thanks for Reppin The Fit Mob and our Country!!

Tampa Lightning Girls

Audition Prep


Auditions are always nerve-racking but when prepared you can show off and make the cut.  Lisa held a private personal training session with dancer Kelsey McKeon to prepare for the upcoming 2018-19 Tampa Bay Lightning Girls Audition!  A full body workout & & she is ready to go!  #GOBOLTS

Breast Cancer Awareness



The combination of a team atmosphere, intense full-body cardiovascular and strength workouts and fitness education make Boot Camp weight loss programs very effective at reducing excess body weight, improving cardiovascular endurance, increasing lean muscle mass and improving overall coordination and balance.

Guy Talk at the Gym

Is that really a thing?


LOL - It is!!!  One evening while I was training I overheard a few of the guys banter and teasing... it was actually really funny! So to get the the point - the more they rag on each other the better friends they are... ahhh  haaa!!   It was not even a question how guys can dish it out and laugh it off - So great!!   #GymTalk

Active Kids!

Gym, Sports & Activities


Too often we get caught up with our busy life routines that we forget the importance of our children's daily physical exercise.  Children should do 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day.  It can be walking, running, sports, dance etc.  The importance is they are having fun and receiving daily aerobic physical activity.

Women & Weight Lifting

7 benefits


1. Lose Body Fat

2. Gain Strength Without Bulking

3. Decrease Risk of Osteoporosis

4. Reduce Risk of Injury

5. Burn More Calories

6. Improve Posture & Reduce Back Pain

7. Enhance Mood and Reduce Stress

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